Press Release: Astera Software Partners with Tableau to Bridge the Data-to-Insight Gap

Tableau’s Integration with Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator Enables Users to Utilize a Complete Suite of Data Integration and Self-Service Analytics Capabilities through a Single Platform.

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Astera Software, a fast-growing company that develops enterprise-grade data management solutions, has joined hands with the leading visual analytics platform, Tableau. This partnership is geared towards enabling business users to leverage an end-to-end data management and visualization platform that offers advance-level capabilities for data extraction, profiling, integration, warehousing, and visualization.

Data integration and reporting & analyses are two sides of the same coin that enable businesses to get a holistic view of their operations. The integration of Astera’s Centerprise Data Integrator with Tableau will allow users to benefit from the capabilities of both solutions, thereby amplifying their BI efforts, while improving data quality and minimizing the complexities associated with data integration and analysis.

Elucidating the idea behind Tableau and Centerprise Data Integrator integration, Jay Mishra, COO Astera, said, “Nowadays, data is the core business driver, providing a solid foundation for decision makers to base their strategic decisions. However, the biggest challenge is making sense out of mountains of data pouring in from a myriad of sources. Centerprise Data Integrator simplifies the complex data integration processes, while Tableau allows business users to perform analyses on interactive dashboards in real-time to get meaningful insights. With this integration, business users can enjoy best of both worlds.”

“We are excited to welcome Astera Software as one of our technology partners,” said Todd Talkington, Director of Technology Partnerships at Tableau. “Astera’s vision of enabling enterprises to automate the process of data extraction, integration, and warehousing, combined with Tableau’s visual analytics platform, will enhance the decision-making capabilities of our customers and help them extract more value out of their data.”

Centerprise Data Integrator uses an industrial-grade ETL engine designed to power data integration processes in an intuitive, code-free environment. It assists business users in all stages of integrating and transforming unstructured and structured data into meaningful information, ready to be fed into BI and self-service analytics tools.

Tableau is a powerful visual analytics platform that enables users to build dashboards and perform real-time analysis to extract actionable insights. With Centeprise’s process orchestration and job scheduling capabilities, business users can design workflows to transform incoming data, integrate it with Tableau, and acquire reports and track key performance indicators on Tableau’s flexible and intuitive dashboards with just a few clicks.

About Astera Software

Astera Software develops powerful, intuitive data management solutions focused on eliminating the complexities in data extraction, integration, and warehousing processes. Astera’s solutions are consistently acclaimed for their superior usability, intuitive interface, and high performance, ensuring a rapid ROI and scalability to meet the most demanding data management tasks. To see how Centerprise Data Integrator can help you bring data from disparate sources to a single place for analyses and reporting, view the product demo or download a free trial.

For additional information and regular updates, visit the company’s  FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn page.


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Phone: 888-77-Astera



TDWI Anaheim Conference 2018: Post Event Highlights

TDWI Anaheim Astera DWAccelerator

TDWI Anaheim Conference 2018 has been a truly transformative journey for Team Astera. We attended several talking sessions, had one-on-one meetings with thought leaders and industry experts, and received a positive response for our products, especially our end-to-end data warehouse automation solution, DWAccelerator.

Event Overview

TDWI Anaheim Astera DWAccelerator

TDWI is the focal point of education, research, and insights when it comes to data management, analytics, and the latest trends and technologies within the big data realm. TDWI Anaheim Conference 2018 was held at the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland® Hotel, from August 5 to August 10, inviting data professionals from a whole host of renowned companies from across North America.

The 5-day long conference featured over 65 half- and full-day sessions by TDWI instructors and industry experts. It was geared towards providing hands-on training and practical experiences to data professionals and aspiring individuals. The scope of the conference revolved around four major areas, including data infrastructure and technologies, modern data management, machine learning and advanced analytics, and data strategy and leadership.

Highlights of the Event

TDWI Anaheim Conference 2018 enabled us to explore new avenues and learn about the latest happenings in the data management industry. Here is our version of the conference:

Our CEO Shared Data Warehousing Automation Insights

TDWI Anaheim Astera DWAccelerator

Ibrahim Surani, CEO Astera Software, conducted a talking session on ‘Model-Driven Data Warehouse Development.’ He started with the importance of data and highlighted major challenges businesses generally face when executing a data warehousing or integration project. He shed light on the indispensability of data warehouse automation in enhancing the quality, speed, and accuracy of data warehouse performance. He further talked about the ingredients for achieving data warehouse automation, which included source data modeler, dimension modeler, robust ETL engine, seamless connectivity, and high-performance ETL engine.

The crux of the talk was the meta-data driven model, which he explained in the form of a 4-step process, each illustrating the key aspects of automating the data warehouse development process. Ibrahim emphasized on the benefits of model-driven data warehouse automation, allowing businesses to cut maintenance costs, reduce time to market, and minimize handoffs between users and software tools, without compromising on the flexibility and power of the solution.

Discussions with Industry Experts on DWAccelerator

TDWI gathers industry experts and thought leaders from renowned research firms and Fortune 500 companies, some of which are instructors for the platform as well. We did several exclusive product demos and received positive feedback for DWAccelerator’s capabilities.

One of the TDWI instructors and Managing Research Director at EMA, John L Myers, showed great interest in DWAccelerator’s automation. The product is capable of drastically reducing the time-consuming process of developing enterprise data warehouse architecture and designing ETL processes. He was impressed with DWA’s several features, such as automatic joins, load policy configuration, and flow generation.

Our CEO and COO have been invited to participate in the panel for data warehouse automation in the upcoming TDWI conference in Orlando. Be sure to be on the lookout for the updates regarding our booth and free conference passes for TDWI Orlando Conference.

The Final Words

TDWI has been tracking trends and technologies shaping data and educating companies and professionals how to utilize data to its maximum potential for over 20 years. TDWI Anaheim Conference 2018 has been an insightful experience for our team and proved to be a great platform to connect with renowned industry names and clients looking for automated data warehousing solution, like DWAccelerator.


Big Data Toronto 2018: Post-Event Highlights

Team Astera participated in Big Data Toronto 2018 as an exhibitor and had a truly great experience networking with data scientists, practitioners, and thought leaders from across North America and beyond. We took the opportunity to introduce our end-to-end, agile data warehouse solution, DWAccelerator, and received a great response from the attendees.

Event Overview

Going strong in its third year, Big Data Toronto is among the most acclaimed big data and analytics conferences & expos in Canada. Over 4,000 innovators, 60+ exhibiting brands, and 100+ speakers gathered under one roof to embark on an educational journey and exchange technical insights, while providing an outlook on future trends of technology and best practices related to AI and data science.

The conference, held in Metro Toronto Convention Centre, was a two-day event, and covered key topics, including digital transformation, data governance, data management, predictive analytics, advanced machine learning, cyber security and privacy, and more.

Highlights of the Event

Big Data Toronto 2018 has been a thought-provoking and insightful journey for our team. Here is what we learned from the conference:

Agile Data Warehousing Practices

Data warehousing, as a field, stays highly relevant for businesses in the big data era, albeit the expectations have changed significantly over time. Agility in design and development of warehouses has become a key requirement. Businesses are diligently seeking solutions that can accelerate core data warehousing functions, such as data integration, analysis, and cleansing for business intelligence, among others.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Businesses are increasingly taking interest in agile data warehousing solutions that offer effective data extraction from complex structured and unstructured sources, as well as traditional sources. They need accurate, intelligible results quickly to acquire analytical reports through business intelligence tools, allowing them to conform to the changing market dynamics, as well as for making sound decisions for future endeavors.

DWAccelerator – The Solution to Major Data Warehousing Problems

Massive setup costs, time-consuming processes, and lack of agility and flexibility are some of the key obstacles met during BI project implementation. DWAccelerator can very well be the answer to all these issues. DWA is an all-round solution that instills agility and automation in data warehouse designing and development without having the user write a single line of code.

Our COO, Jay Mishra, conducted a session on “Accelerating your Data Warehouse Project” and shed light on problems and ways for businesses to speed up setting up a data warehouse. He presented DWAccelerator and showed that while a data warehouse, using traditional techniques, takes anywhere from a few weeks to several months to build, it can be done in under an hour with our automated solution. Some of the highlighting features of DWAccelerator, such as data models based mapping, automatic field matching, flow generation, and the concept of virtual data models, were well received.

We Met Prospective Partners and Clients

The innovative features and powerful data warehousing capabilities of DWAccelerator gathered much attention from the attendees. We talked to many data professionals and showcased how our product can automate the entire data warehousing process and cut down the costs and time required. This generated a lot of interest in our product, inspiring several new partners and prospective clients to join hands with Astera.

Overall, Big Data Toronto 2018 offered a plethora of insights and concepts that are likely to pave way for future technologies and trends. In addition, the Canada’s #1 big data and AI conference proved to be a great opportunity for us to meet new clients and partners and provide exposure to the latest addition to our product line, DWAccelerator.

Automate Partner Data Exchange and Integration through Astera’s Customer Portal

Effective business intelligence demands proper data collection and integration processes. Modern businesses receive data in different formats from a variety of communication protocols, when efficient collaboration and tracking of data exchanges are more important than ever before.

Partner Data Exchange and Integration Automation
Partner Data Exchange – Centerprise Data Integration Software

As data increases, the maintenance and management of multiple files from disparate sources takes its toll on IT teams. File based partner data exchanges need to be fast, reliable, and secure for transfers, especially on large-scale operations. Manual data entry and file exchange over channels like email aren’t sufficient anymore. Businesses need a centralized platform where customers, partners, suppliers, and employees can upload data files, ensure compliance, and track file status.

Enter the new Astera Cloud Customer Portal.

Key features include:

Centralized Uploading

Partners upload data files directly on the portal URL using their unique login credentials. Validation and cleansing take place automatically on the backend Centerprise server using custom integration flows. A response file is generated at the end for both the admin and users.

File Tracking

The Customer Portal comes with inherent file tracking: all involved remain up-to-date on file statuses in real-time via the Dashboard. For unsuccessful uploads, the response file contains error codes and explanations. Status emails can also be configured for all types of accounts. This ensures all necessary files are uploaded correctly after data validation, allowing the final workflow to run as scheduled.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and file encryption are supported on the Customer Portal. Uploaded encrypted files are automatically decrypted, processed, and then re-encrypted by Centerprise to be sent back.


The Customer Portal is built to handle unlimited data volume and borrows on Centerprise’s powerful scalability. Cloud servers can also be added for reliable load balancing.

White Label Capability

Astera Cloud’s Customer Portal is customizable, with the ability to use your company logo and domain name. Get all the functionality of Centerprise while maintaining brand cohesion.

For a live demo and information on pricing for our partner data exchange and integration solution, call us at +1 888-772-7837 or email us at

ReportMiner Has Been Named a 2015 Trend-Setting Product by KMWorld Magazine

KM World Trend Setting Product 2015We are excited to share with our blog readers that our industry-leading ReportMiner data extraction software has been named a 2015 Trend-Setting Product by KMWorld Magazine!

KMWorld Editor-in-Chief Hugh McKellar commented that, “In each and every case, the thoughtfulness and elegance of the software certainly warrants deep examination. Depending on customer needs, the products on the list can dramatically boost organizational performance. The products identified fulfill the ultimate goal of knowledge management—delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.”

The panel, which consists of editorial colleagues, market and technology analysts, KM theoreticians, practitioners, customers and a select few savvy users (in a variety of disciplines), reviewed more than 200 vendors, whose combined product lineups include more than 1,000 separate offerings.

ReportMiner’s user-friendly interface enables business users with little or no technical background to easily accomplish a wide range of data extraction tasks without employing expensive IT resources. Smart features such as automated name and address parsing and auto creation of data extraction patternsautomate many time-consuming manual tasks, saving time and increasing data quality. You can find out more at

We Have a Winner!

contest winnerWe just finished our second campaign to post customer reviews on a software reviews portal and we are excited to announce that Phil Nacamuli of Leximantix has won the iPad drawing. We had a great response to this campaign and want to thank all of our customers who took the time to post a review of Centerprise or ReportMiner.

You can access all of our reviews on our customer testimonial page. Here are some that stood out for us in this latest campaign:

Prasad Sunkara of Vish Group

“Centerprise at its best!”

Centerprise at its best! Easy for business users. We were able to train new employees and get them to speed within a week. Using Centerprise as an ETL tool is working out great. Especially working with uncommon data sources! The tool is easy to use, very affordable to own and returns are very high, including increased speed of delivery of data, business user-driven data delivery and rapid prototyping.

Dawn Bauer of Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance

“Fast and Simple. All-in-one package”

Centerprise is perfect for dumping data from an ODS system into a data warehouse for reporting. It is fast, easy and simple to use. You can have a dataflow up and running in mere minutes compared to some other tools on the market.

Don Smith of Software Solutions

“WOW Why did we wait soooo long?”

Centerprise allows us to create a reusable template to standardize the information that we use to validate conversions. Standardizing the reporting data from two systems is an awesome strength that can be developed out of Centerprise. We have seen that the use of this package saved us 2 hours per conversion but now since the templates are already developed it is saving us more. This reduces our lead time for conversions, and increases our efficiencies as a conversion team.

Mario Ferrer of Achievers

 “Astera Centerprise rules!”

I love Centerprise and I believe it has a lot of potential. It’s incredibly easy to use. People with no previous ETL experience can start building simple mappings very quickly. It’s incredibly easy to install and maintain. After I first installed Centerprise, I was able to start working in just a few minutes. I am particularly impressed with how much Centerprise simplifies transformations that require more work in other ETL tools. The perfect example is the SCD transformation, which handles all the logic in an Slowly Changing Dimension. Even with a market leader like Informatica, the SCD logic has to be manually built. With Centerprise this can be built in just a few minutes, and it impacts every mapping.

Data Integration: Helping Startups Operate Efficiently and Gain the Competitive Advantage

“Startups are keeping head counts low, and even eliminating management positions, by replacing them with a surprising substitute for leaders and decision-makers: data.”

This is the subject of an article in The Wall Street Journal that ran Sunday, April 19.  “Every time people come to me and ask for new bodies it turns out so much of that can be answered by asking the right questions of our data and getting that in front of the decision makers,” says James Reinhart, CEO of online secondhand clothing store thredUP.

The same or similar stories were told to the author of the article by dozens of other startups. In the past, companies operated by giving managers control over data and those who actually needed the data to make day-to-day decisions had to get in line and wait for the manager to give it to them. Even just a few years ago, the author points out, databases were massively expensive and business intelligence software cost millions of dollars and could take months to install. So it made sense to limit access to managers.

This is not the case today. Thanks to user-friendly, cost-effective data integration software, business users no longer need a manager, or even IT, to hand them the information they need. They can get it themselves, when and where they need it, and make decisions much more quickly and accurately.

It isn’t news anymore that businesses are collecting terabytes of data to analyze and use as a competitive advantage. Now, with affordable software that doesn’t require an experienced programmer to extract meaningful data, every employee has the tools to gather information and make decisions.

The new role of business users in the manipulation and analysis of data doesn’t mean that IT isn’t needed any more. Now data scientists can focus on what they are really good at—making sure the software is working correctly and integrating with other company systems, writing code for customization, and ensuring that the data is clean.

Affordable, intuitive data integration software like our Centerprise Data Integrator is helping to tame the data revolution and ensure that startups have the best competitive advantages possible.

Congrats to the Winner of Our Customer Reference Campaign

We recently ran a campaign to generate updated customer testimonials for our website and a partner portal. The response was amazing and we are fortunate to have such great customers. We want to thank all of our customers who took the time to post a review of Centerprise or ReportMiner on our partner portal and to congratulate Darius Grant of Alcatel Lucent, the winner of our iPad drawing. As a token of appreciation, we sent each customer who posted a review an Amazon gift card. We’ll be running a new campaign for a different partner portal in the near future, so if you missed the fun and the chance to win an iPad this time, keep an eye out in your email for information on the next one.

You can access all of our reviews on our customer testimonial page. We wanted to share some of the best ones here:

Financial Services

Centerprise has been the essential ETL tool for the past 5 years within our data mapping and conversion teams. It has allowed the MIS function to be centered back on the user in a controlled manner without a deep technical aptitude. The interfaces are easy to use and the product remains effective for our data needs with up to date features.

Vish Group

Surprisingly affordable compared to other ETL tools. It is a very easy to use product and easy to learn. Further I am surprised with their product support. I am planning to use Centerprise Data Integrator for my future projects.


Robust Data Management/Transformation tool. Centerprise makes data transformation easy with it’s well equipped toolbox and easy customization.

Software Solutions

Novice User. Within the first two weeks we were able to use Centerprise in four different conversion processes and saved around 10 man hours. That means in 10 days we were able to perform 11 days worth of work. Our biggest problem is that work gets in the way of us exploring even more ways of benefiting from using Centerprise.

The United Methodist Church

We were looking for a product to help us gather data from 50 entities on a variety of platforms, and to provide them with the tools necessary to send the data. Centerprise has enabled us to successfully synchronize the data on an automated scheduled basis. The beauty of Centerprise is its’ flexibility in being able to standardized the data, and handle the entire process from collection, through cleaning and updating, to publishing.

K12 Systems

Centerprise Data Integrator is overall a very useful tool for data integration from legacy systems to the new. Lightweight, easy to use, vast functionality to transform data, logical work flows are re-usable and save time, flexible expressions are very useful to logically transform data, quick support.  Outstanding features and flexibility for many ETL situations. It is easy product to learn and the user interface provides excellent visibility at all stages of the ETL. Overall the product is an great value for the functionality, ease of use and customer support.

VIN Solutions

Great ETL tool, with excellent support. We have been using Centerprise for three years now and it is used throughout our integration department for daily and historical imports and exports. Extremely easy to use. We have handed off import mapping to non-technical people without issues. The product has a variety of useful and important features, and has bee able to handle most everything we have thrown at it. Flexible and extensible. Great support. The team at Astera responds quickly to our questions and is prompt in addressing issues. This has been a great product for simplifying the maze of thousands of different imports we must handle on a daily basis.


ReportMiner is a great concept, easy to use. This is a great tool. The flexibility it offers is amazing, and the customer service whenever I’ve had an issue has been exemplary.


Excellent tool. ReportMiner is a very helpful tool, which makes our jobs much easier. We definitely recommend it!

Exciting New Features in ReportMiner 6.4 Revealed!

We’re launching a major new upgrade of ReportMiner that makes it the most intelligent and user-friendly data mining tool on the market.

ReportMiner enthusiasts and anyone interested in data mining is invited for a sneak peek in a complimentary half-hour New Features in ReportMiner 6.4 Revealed webinar on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. PDT.

In this webinar we’ll demonstrate exciting new features and functionalities that automate many tasks, saving you time and increasing your data quality. We’ll even be asking for your feedback on the value of these features for you.

Highlights include:

  • Auto creation of data regions
  • Auto parsing of names
  • Auto parsing of addresses
  • Auto creation of fields

Click the button below to register. We hope you can join us!