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Automate Partner Data Exchange and Integration through Astera’s Customer Portal

Effective business intelligence demands proper data collection and integration processes. Modern businesses receive data in different formats from a variety of communication protocols, when efficient collaboration and tracking of data exchanges are more important than ever before.

Partner Data Exchange and Integration Automation

Partner Data Exchange – Centerprise Data Integration Software

As data increases, the maintenance and management of multiple files from disparate sources takes its toll on IT teams. File based partner data exchanges need to be fast, reliable, and secure for transfers, especially on large-scale operations. Manual data entry and file exchange over channels like email aren’t sufficient anymore. Businesses need a centralized platform where customers, partners, suppliers, and employees can upload data files, ensure compliance, and track file status.

Enter the new Astera Cloud Customer Portal.

Key features include:

Centralized Uploading

Partners upload data files directly on the portal URL using their unique login credentials. Validation and cleansing take place automatically on the backend Centerprise server using custom integration flows. A response file is generated at the end for both the admin and users.

File Tracking

The Customer Portal comes with inherent file tracking: all involved remain up-to-date on file statuses in real-time via the Dashboard. For unsuccessful uploads, the response file contains error codes and explanations. Status emails can also be configured for all types of accounts. This ensures all necessary files are uploaded correctly after data validation, allowing the final workflow to run as scheduled.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and file encryption are supported on the Customer Portal. Uploaded encrypted files are automatically decrypted, processed, and then re-encrypted by Centerprise to be sent back.


The Customer Portal is built to handle unlimited data volume and borrows on Centerprise’s powerful scalability. Cloud servers can also be added for reliable load balancing.

White Label Capability

Astera Cloud’s Customer Portal is customizable, with the ability to use your company logo and domain name. Get all the functionality of Centerprise while maintaining brand cohesion.

For a live demo and information on pricing for our partner data exchange and integration solution, call us at +1 888-772-7837 or email us at sales@astera.com

What is Data Warehousing?

In today’s business environment, it is essential for an organization to have reliable reporting and analysis of their data. Businesses need their data to be consolidated and integrated for different levels of aggregation, from customer service, to partner integration, to top-level executive business decisions.

What is a Data Warehouse?

The data warehouse is a repository of an organization’s electronically stored data extracted from operational systems and made available for ad-hoc queries and scheduled reporting. Data stored in the data warehouse is different from data found in the operational environment in that it is organized in such a way where relevant data is clustered together to facilitate reporting for day-to-day operations and analysis. This then determines the trends over time and creates plans based on that information.


Data warehouses have many advantages, including:

– Improved end-user access to a wide variety of enterprise data

– Increased data consistency

– Additional documentation of the data

– Potentially lower computing costs and increased productivity

– Providing a place to combine related data from separate sources

– Creation of a computing infrastructure that can support changes in computer systems and business structures

– Empowering end-users to perform ad-hoc queries or reports without impacting the performance of the operational systems

Data Warehouse Solutions

The data infrastructure of most organizations is a collection of heterogeneous systems. For example, an organization might have one system that handles customer-relationships, human resources, sales, production, finance, partners, etc. These systems are often poorly or not at all integrated and simple questions can be very hard to answer, even though the information is available “somewhere” within the disparate data systems. Data warehouses solve these issues by creating a single database of homogeneous data that can be easily accessed and manipulated.

Needless to say, the software tools used for extracting and transforming the data into a homogeneous format that can be loaded into the data warehouse are also key components of a data warehousing system. This is the underlying framework that ensures the quality and usability of the data. Centerprise Data Integrator brings together high-performance data warehousing extract, transform, and load (ETL) features in a unified and intuitive package. It offers a number of features and optimizations to support data warehouse loading, including a high-performance slowly changing dimensions (SCD) component, lookup caching, robust parallel-processing engine, and optimized database writes. Click here to learn more about data warehousing and the optimized Centerprise data warehousing solution. You can also view our webinar video, Working with the High-volume Data Warehouse in Centerprise on Astera.TV.