Extract Valuable Data from PDFs With ReportMiner

PDF (portable document format) files were developed in the early 1990s to enable computer users with different platforms and software tools to share documents with a fixed layout of text and graphics. Because they are independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems, PDFs have become a popular way to share documents. All that is needed is a PDF reader, available for free download on the Internet.

In this day and age, however, data lives on, even if it’s trapped inside a PDF. Businesses need PDF data to combine with other data and use in spreadsheets or databases, and integrate it with other applications or use it for business intelligence.

Astera’s ReportMiner data extraction software offers many capabilities for PDF data extraction in an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require code writing. The tool enables users to easily extract data by simply creating an extraction layout and exporting to the destination of their choice. ReportMiner does all the heavy lifting by automatically recognizing data patterns and creating necessary data regions and fields.

In addition, users are able to use their extracted data to take advantage of product’s advanced transformation, quality, and scrubbing features.

To extract information from a PDF file in ReportMiner, simply upload a pdf and create a report model by selecting what needs to be extracted and specifying a pattern within the report.

ReportMiner also has a preview feature so that users can make sure everything is being extracted as intended. Once the layout is complete, users have the option to export to Excel, CSV, or a chosen database. The report model can also be opened in a dataflow to apply transformations to the data.

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